Winter temperatures in Washington, and especially in the Seattle area, can run very cold, and damage the exterior parts of your home, like the garage door. The shift to summer weather causes even more damage, which is important to plan a garage door repair before the summer begins. Why? Because hot Seattle weather can cause these damaged to your garage door:

Rust – after the wet winter comes the humid summer that causes rust to form of the metallic parts of garage doors. The summertime heat causes more rust to from, which can lead to metallic parts of the garage door to break. A garage door repair can help you get rid of rust, and make sure its part won’t snap off.

Paint peal – heat effects paint, and especially paint that is constantly exposed to sunlight. During the summer, the paint on garage doors begins to peal, exposing the inner layers of the door, and causing damage to those parts as well.

Roller wear and tear – the transition from cold to hard weather can take a tole on garage doors’ rollers. As a result, the door will not elevate properly, which can be risky.

Heated and damaged electrical circuits – direct sunlight damages the electrical circuits that cause garage doors to move up and down. Also, the insulation of the wires can be damaged from high temperatures, which can lead to fires and electrocution.

Preparing your home for summer is important, and be searching garage door repair near me, you will be able to prepare your garage door for the hot season in Washington the best way possible.